La raison, ce cadeau divin

4:56 AM
Hier j'ai été, avec des membres d'une association, à la maison de bienfaisance de Guerouaoua à Fès. Cette dernière abrite des hommes et femmes atteints de troubles mentaux, des garçons enfants et adolescents -orphelins ou abandonnés si j'ai bien compris-, et des personnes âgées. Je vais, consciemment, omettre de vous décrire les conditions dans lesquelles vivent ces gens, surtout que nous nous sommes rendus aux lieux sans prévenir le personnel, et donc on a vu un peu la réalité des choses.

23 Birthday Resolutions (2/2)

1:27 AM
The list is not yet finished. I understand the first half was pretty long and I know it can be exhausting to some of you, but bear with me for now. I'll try to make my blog entries shorter in the future. Now here are twelve (12) more resolutions I would like to share with you. 

12. Be eco-friendly: This year I've decided to think more about the environment. I know we don't have established recycling mechanisms and we are lagging behind when it comes to acting green. My idea is to change some daily habits, to think about the very future generations when I am consuming energy and to act with more consciousness following "If you cannot make a place better than it is, at least don't make it worse, leave it as it is". I will be turning the lights off when I am outside the room, unplugging devices when they don't need power, turning off the faucet when I am brushing my teeth or washing my hair. -I told you I am going to make it simple-.

23 Birthday Resolutions (1/2)

4:53 AM
This blog is about sharing, this is why I am dedicating this post to my birthday resolutions. Those who know me know how organized I am: I love having planners, writing down to-do lists, planning everything coming forward and keeping track of my evolution and reflecting on it.

My birthday cake ! Delicisous is not strong enough to describe how it was !

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