The 100 days of happiness

7:58 PM
LESS than a 100 days till we celebrate 2017! OMG, we agree that this year flew by... Now, if you think you haven't achieved much, you can either wait till december to make it up or start right now and make each one of these days a little special.

I have already made my list of a 100 things I'd love to accomplish: some are -almost- unreal but some others simple and totally doable. I am sharing today with the purpose of inspiring some of you to maybe brainstorm your very own list!
  1. Buy yourself flowers
  2. Inbox an old friend
  3. Browse through your old pictures
  4. Cook (or order) your favorite meal
  5. Enjoy some 'me' time
  6. Donate something
  7. Change your linens and perfume them
  8. Try a head stand
  9. Count your blessings
  10. Send a message in a bottle
  11. Write a letter to your better self
  12. Ride a bike
  13. Take a picture of every single object you own and absolutely love
  14. Take a walk alone and enjoy your own company
  15. Draw a perfect pattern
  16. Watch an episode of your childhood prefered cartoon
  17. Compliment a stranger
  18. Discover new music
  19. Uninstall unused apps from your digital devices
  20. Think about your next vacation
  21. Call a relative
  22. Water a plant
  23. Take a nap
  24. Smile to a kid
  25. Enjoy silence
  26. Make a playlist of your all times favorite songs
  27. Play the tourist in your city
  28. Watch the sunset or the sunrise
  29. Play cards
  30. Gaze at stars
  31. Offer a dear person a present for no reason
  32. Light a perfumed candle
  33. Unsubscribe from online newsletters
  34. Practice meditation
  35. Take a soaking bath
  36. Recreate your family tree
  37. Help someone in the street
  38. Spend a whole day reading
  39. Plant a tree
  40. Learn a car skill (eg. how to change oil)
  41. Rearrange furniture in a room
  42. Read newspaper
  43. Explore a blog you like (mine would be an excellent choice!
  44. Visit a museum
  45. Go on a late night city tour
  46. Play hide and seek
  47. Watch an all times classic movie
  48. Donate blood
  49. Get lost
  50. Do some painting
  51. Go out running
  52. Attend a major sports event
  53. Give a homeless food
  54. Personalize a piece of clothes
  55. Fix something broken
  56. Go to an art gallery
  57. Make a photo wall
  58. Recycle an item
  59. Spend 24 hours without your phone
  60. Enjoy a nap
  61. Write a gratitude list
  62. Take a bus
  63. Learn new dance steps
  64. Learn a new skill (smokey eye, anyone?)
  65. Ride a horse
  66. Make a natural home remedy (or beauty product)
  67. Watch a documentary
  68. Sit in a park
  69. Rearrange your closet
  70. Declutter your wallet
  71. Give to charity anonymously
  72. Attend a concert
  73. Coordinate new outfits
  74. Have a spa day
  75. Go to a networking event
  76. Clean your car
  77. Invite a friend to your house
  78. Use public transportation
  79. Learn some basic sign language
  80. Take a day long of pictures
  81. Email your favorite professor (just to say hi!)
  82. Share a useful experience 
  83. 45 minutes of yoga
  84. Unfriend/ unfollow people you don't know
  85. Watch a how-to youtube video (my suggestion: 
  86. Sing like no one is around
  87. Enjoy the sound of the rain under a warm blanket
  88. Celebrate yourself 
  89. Go for a 15 min run
  90. Clean your shoes gently
  91. Write down your favorite quote
  92. Watch a TED talk
  93. Ban the vehicle horn unless very very necessary
  94. Change your social media pictures
  95. Budget your 'model' month
  96. Listen to the radio
  97. Summarize the past year
  98. Visualize your resolutions
  99. Make a vision board for the new year
  100. Make your own list of #100daysofhappiness
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