'H' like History, Humanity, Humiliation

3:28 AM
At school, when I first learned about world wars 1 and 2, i was just a child studying history. I didn't feel bad for the people who died, nor did I realize what a horror it was. I remember exactly how I pictured it : combining fights from the cartoons, scenes from horror movies and some of my most terrible nightmares...

Why I failed at some of my resolutions

8:42 PM
I am disappointed at myself. No. Restart. 
This sounds too sad, I am rarely that angry at that myself. Thanks God, I am alive and can still learn from my mistakes.

Each year at this time, around my birthday date, I take some time to reflect on various aspects of my life. I consider this as the opportunity to evaluate what good steps I have taken, what resolutions I have achieved and what successes I need to celebrate (I do celebrate a lot, and I like to acknowledge positive events that happen in my life each now and then). Also, it is for me the occasion to think about the errors I have made, the wrong decisions I have taken and the promises I did not keep.

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