Challenge yourself in 2015 (2/2)

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I do not usually receive tons of comments, but I know that I have convinced few people to join me for one or more of the first six challenges. By the way, I will have a follow up article on each of the challenges (either at the beginning of the month to provide hints, suggestions on how to complete it, or at the end to give you feedback about how it went and whether or not I succeeded in achieving it). 

Let's carry on challenging ourselves:

  • Giving July
Giving is part of our religion, culture and the human ethics in general. This challenge is not about us, but rather about the others. It is a lot like 'the kindness challenge' but with some changes. The idea is to give. Give time to people around you, give a smile to a person you don't know, give a positive vibe to a colleague, give money to a person in need, give a meal to someone hungry, give water to thirsty birds, give blood... Your ideas on how to make 'giving' a daily challenge are welcome as I would love to propose a series of giving actions to fulfill the goal of Giving July.
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Challenge yourself in 2015 (1/2)

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I love challenges, and I am a big pinterest fan. Today's post is an interesting combination of the two. I did not invent most of these, the ideas are not all mine, I just thought maybe I could gather these in one (or maybe two) posts, and just share, for the sake of sharing.
I put many positive vibes in this, and I believe it is convenient, at this time of the year, to get your resolutions list down, to put todo list shores into action, and to get stuff actually done.
12 big challenges to carry along the twelve coming months, different ideas to apply each according to his/her own rythm.
I'll try to post a follow on for each of these, with my OWN pictures and sharing my own experience. Let me know which of these you are interested in joining.

  • Declutter January

January feels like THE beginning. It is an appropriate time for big resolutions, for accurate planning and for huge doses of motivation and optimism. The best way to start is to reorganize. This time, think minimalistic. This challenge is very simple: throw 100 things. Many bloggers have already tried it, and I am joining this vague.
There is only one thought that comes to my mind right now, it is from my yoga class two years ago 'Abandon, let go'. I am the sort of people who build long lasting relationships with objects, for emotional reason, for memories, just in case I ever need them someday... I have tons of stuff, literally. This exercise is going to be a real challenge for me. I promise to share the result with you.

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