3 MAJOR pregnancy changes (besides the weight)

We can’t just skip the emotional part and jump to the heart of the topic, can we? Being pregnant is one of the major events in one’s life. No words can describe how powerful and impacting it is to carry a life inside of you.

Photo credit: the talented Hanane Abir

I have to admit many things changed since I knew I was pregnant:

  • Extreme sensitivity
Yes, I cried more in the nine months of my pregnancy than during the last couple of years. Besides movies and documentaries, it even happened that I cried just because I had to do laundry or wash some dishes. For a person who is pretty in control of her feelings, that was a huge change!

  • Increased anxiety
Driving, walking in the city, going to crowded places... everything became threatening. Not because there was a real danger in any of these activities/places but rather because I felt I had something to protect, and I cared more about 'her' safety than my own.

  • Sudden affection
I have never been keen of babies and kids. I mean I think they are cute, but you’d never find me deploying efforts to get a poor kid to kiss me or playing with some random baby at the restaurant. This hasn’t changed much, the only difference is that pregnancy made me more aware when there were kids and babies around, I watched out for cues and signs in the relationship they have with parents, and sometimes, just sometimes, it made me smile.

I wrote this article few months ago, at that time I didn't know much about parenthood, I found pregnancy itself to be a life-changing experience. We tend to think one should be prepared to carry it on, but truth is that nine months are just the right time you need to handle the upcoming 'change'.

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