'H' like History, Humanity, Humiliation

At school, when I first learned about world wars 1 and 2, i was just a child studying history. I didn't feel bad for the people who died, nor did I realize what a horror it was. I remember exactly how I pictured it : combining fights from the cartoons, scenes from horror movies and some of my most terrible nightmares...

At that time, Israel was bombing Palestine, nothing new you know... , but as far as I was concerned, this was nothing more than a war, history being written AGAIN and me living in parallel... My parents explained what was happening, simplified zionism to me and did their best to convince me to boycott a 'flyer' of products. I wasn't convinced, plus mcDo was a nice Saturday afternoon plan...

Twelve years or more passed by so quickly, so many events happened, huge ones that captivated the attention of millions around the world and insignificant ones the media didn't realy highlight. Many wars started and ended, many viruses were discovered, many diseases destroyed lives around the globe and many people died for various ugly reasons around the world ...

The whole world changed, or at least this is what I thought, this is what they taught me in classrooms : globalization, democracy, global challenges, principles of leadership, dialogue of religions.. So many 'big' words, so many ideas suppozed to revolutionize the world. Big theories, interesting essays, and an endless number of debates on topics which are all centered around the 'human '.

Today, as I think about all of that, it's clearer in my head: the human race have not gotten smarter, opener, more intelligent, tolerent or any of the above. Humans are as dumb and stupid as they were twelve years ago, fifty years ago, decades ago... The frame might change, the decor may evolve, but the essence is the same. We do live in a jungle, not even as green as it was, and the stronger rules. People like to kill people, manipulate people, abuse people and use people to their own ends.

The crimes in Syria, the killing of civilans in Gaza, the kidnappings in Mali, the fights in Ukrain... These are all chef d'oeuvres of people who went to school, got lucky enough to be educated, live with and depend on technology, and are fully connected... And yet, these same people don't care about the world, don't account for the other, don't use their consciousness or maybe don't even have some. Aren't theyr afraid of the aliens, what if they attack us ? Bad joke, we have enough threatening viruses to fear, really !

I was that careless child, I thought killings were just part of the process, wars were meant to make history look more like a movie, but I was a child and yet, when I see what life lessons Gaza children martyrs are giving to the world, I feel so ashamed of what I thought!

Where are the conferences' values, the global solutions, the smart initiatives. What are we, educated people doing with our knowledge and global skills?? Sorry, I forgot, we are spreading the word... What happens to making the news available to people on a timely manner? Did it prevent a killing or end a crisis?

Anyone who dies is meant to, we cannot change that fatality, but can we change anying at all ?

Sometims I ask myself, are the people around me expert philosophers who realized their lives are too short and want only to take the best, Or is it just that people are too busy doing more awesome things for humanity that they cannot get involved in such conflicts? Are we just fed up of hearing the same stories again or did we get so manipulated by the media that we became insensitive to death, blood and killing ?There is some gap beween what the world is advocating for and what is being done in reality and this is so wrong... History will write this, will remember that, and will describe us as the powerless, naive and manipulated Y generation, because this is what history does !

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