Challenge yourself in 2015 (1/2)

I love challenges, and I am a big pinterest fan. Today's post is an interesting combination of the two. I did not invent most of these, the ideas are not all mine, I just thought maybe I could gather these in one (or maybe two) posts, and just share, for the sake of sharing.
I put many positive vibes in this, and I believe it is convenient, at this time of the year, to get your resolutions list down, to put todo list shores into action, and to get stuff actually done.
12 big challenges to carry along the twelve coming months, different ideas to apply each according to his/her own rythm.
I'll try to post a follow on for each of these, with my OWN pictures and sharing my own experience. Let me know which of these you are interested in joining.

  • Declutter January

January feels like THE beginning. It is an appropriate time for big resolutions, for accurate planning and for huge doses of motivation and optimism. The best way to start is to reorganize. This time, think minimalistic. This challenge is very simple: throw 100 things. Many bloggers have already tried it, and I am joining this vague.
There is only one thought that comes to my mind right now, it is from my yoga class two years ago 'Abandon, let go'. I am the sort of people who build long lasting relationships with objects, for emotional reason, for memories, just in case I ever need them someday... I have tons of stuff, literally. This exercise is going to be a real challenge for me. I promise to share the result with you.

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  • No sugar February
What about cutting off sugar for one month? I chose February because I realized this could be a really difficult task even for the most committed ones of us. We all agree there is no other benefit to sugar than it making everything so very delicious.
I admit I am going to give up a delicious tea I find at work every morning, the chocolate craving moment I enjoy every evening and so many sweet pauses I indulge almost daily but I think it is worth trying. I am already thinking about all the natural sweets I am going to use, the fruits I'll carry on to work and the explanations I'll give when I say 'NO it's my no sugar month'. If you think you can't succeed in this, there are hints and answers here
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  • 6 AM March
I love sleep. I used to believe it is a waste of time, and I admit I was totally wrong (can I get all that time back please ?). I have read so much about habits of successful people, how they all wake up early and achieve a lot before they even start work... March feels right for such a challenge, hopefully by then the weather will have gotten gentler and we'll be able to leave our cozy blankets and warm beds without regrets.
I've been saying -for more than a year now- that if I wake up at 7, my life will witness a HUGE change. Well, I'll try 6 and see what I get. Join me on that, and let's get a push from the expert's.
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  • Vocabulary April
This sounds like playing scrabble for a whole month. But hey you can never know too many words. There is always more you can learn. Very easy to apply: one word per day for 30 days...
You can apply the challenge the way you want: open the dictionary and look randomly for a letter, choose a letter per day and then complete with a combo of your initials and preferred letters. You don't have to stick to one language, make it fun. If you find a group with whom to do this challenge, it can be ever more interesting: sharing makes always stuff better ;-) I'll share my Ar-Fr-En-Es list with you.

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  • No buy May
Oh what a sweet habit. Having achieved many successful 'no buy' months during the last year is one of my pride achievements. I've been altering two months of normal shopping and one month of no buy since last august when I first tried it. I ensure you it is easy to apply and teaches you a lot of self control, patience, and reduces your impulsive thinking. Plus who wants to go shopping on May? So many better things to try... Let's all do it and encourage ourselves to spend only a very chwiya on this month.

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  • Sunnah June
This year, Ramadan is expected around the 18th of June, I thought we could make it the occasion to go on a 30 days challenge to revive the sunnah of Prophet Mohamed (pbuh). When you know that even smiling counts, you know this is going to be of the easiest challenges. There are excellent ideas in the series of episodes on this youtube channel I really recommand to all of you who understand Arabic: simple, short and straight to the point. I learnt a lot just by listening to this guy. I am planning to prepare an article with suggestions of how you can apply this, a sort of checklist to gather our efforts and help us practice sunnah.
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Keep watching, next Tuesday's post will have the other 6 challenges.
The goal is to put milestones to change our behavior. 30 days are enough to start a new habit, to apply a resolution, to learn a new skill, and to practice something positive.
Who's in??

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