Procrastinators love December!

You never do stuff until it is really time for it, you leave all the tasks until the last minute (that adrenaline rush feels so good!), you always intend to start that new habit next week (cutting off sugar or taking the stairs, maybe ?)and are convinced your project is to be finished by next month (home decoration, closet organization)? If you are this person you should be really happy we are in December. And we are all, somehow, that person each in his/her own way. Right?

Besides the fact that four of my little cousins have birthdays in this month, which makes it special for me, this is also the only occasion I know to make up all the time you lost wondering around during the last eleven months of the year. Time for some productivity, achievement and positive vibes.

I suggest you proceed likewise:
  1. Get your resolutions list out (hopefully you have one) and take a red pen, rate your achievements (I usually use a scale from 1 to 5 or sometimes even percentages). The important is to be able to cross stuff out, and reorganize the list using some sort of criterion.
  2. Plan the month: you've got almost 5 of every weekday and 4 weekends to go. There is a lot you can achieve in this time. Use you agenda app wisely to keep track of all the tasks of your to do, and review your resolutions list often to track your advancement.
  3. Be objective: it is good to be positive and think you can achieve all you dream about. When you have 29 days to start making things happen, you should be realistic: some things will have to appear on your resolutions list for 2015 as well. 
This exercise can serve as a warming up before the new year instead of waiting again and procrastinating a little more to make all those big shifts at once. It also enables you to enjoy the year until the very last moment, to have more things to be proud of when you celebrate the achievements of 2014. Plus, it's never too late to make some lifestyle changes, with the weather and the bad news everywhere, this can definitely be something to sheer up! 

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