6 reasons Pocket is a Must app

Pocket is awesome. If you don't know what pocket is, you should, right now. I can wait while you go ahead and quickly Google it. If you are not the kind of people who do this automatically, then maybe this is a 'skill' you should acquire.

To be brief, Pocket is the kind of app you want to install in your smartphone and tablet and add as a plugin to your browser.
Picture from https://thesoundofonehandtyping.wordpress.com/2014/12/03/lets-see-what-i-have-in-my-pocket/

Why so, because one or more of these apply to you:
  1. Educating yourself is one of your resolutions, or maybe you just think you want to read a little more in general... Otherwise, I can't really understand what you are doing on this blog? (Just kidding, you can stay and just spy on me a little and see if I've got something new to tell you)
  2. You are absolutely convinced you need to get more involved in politics, know more about what's going on in the world, or you have specific topics in mind you think you need to learn more about: it could be the ongoing Israeli attack on Gaza, the history of Morocco, how to make a cheesecake or the best organizational tips for your closet...You pick!
  3. You are doing research (for work or school) and need to to do a lot of reading. Obviously, this requires that you have an easy access to your list of source, be able to organize them -this is what tags are for- and archive them when read.
  4. You often encounter 'captivating' titles but it's not the right time to go through the whole article: you have tons of work and cannot just sit at your desk going through every article you happen to find on Facebook, Twitter or in one of those many bookmarked and -hopefully- organized web pages of yours, and of which you think from the title they might be interesting.
  5. It has already occurred to you to be in the train, in a doctor's waiting room, or just unable to sleep because of a long siesta and think to yourself: I could really read something right now. Sometimes, we are just so fed up of those social media we are addicted, and have some free time to exploit while waiting for something...
  6. You once wished there was a 'read later' sort of button to just go back to the nice things you encounter when you surf the net.
I am planning on doing more of these quick articles as I discover stuff I think you should absolutely know about. Just for the sake of 'happily sharing'. So, are you installing the app? Give me feedback when you do so.


  1. Hey Ghita! Would be nice if you provided links within your text to what you are referring too (e.g. "pocket" word = link when I click on the word). Kinda making life easier for lazy fellas ou'there ;)
    Nice post!


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