If you can't see it, you can't wear

The fashionista in me, who also happens to be a very organized person, (or at least this is what I like to think of myself) have found the ultimate solution to closet organization. It is already fall and I should confess that I based my 'what to wear algorithm' on some very summery thoughts. Still,  I want to share my findings and maybe I can update everything once it starts raining -more seriously- and gets cold.
My algorithm is composed of three parts. Obviously it requires some serious preparation ahead, don't freak out because it can also be a fun and release all the stress of your day. We can call this part: Back to basics because it sounds so cliché and I am in that kind of mood.
What you need to do is the following:

  • Buy enough hangers from the closest store. After many trials, I decided that the ones that fit the best my needs are those cheap colored metallic hangers that lose and regain shape very quickly. Ideal for one light item, these are absolutely perfect for tiny closets and work magic for summer dresses.
  • Go through some organization, don't be too harsh on yourself and throw everything! If it needs a little retouching or just has to be dry washed, if it is missing a button or you think it is going to be THE mistress piece of next season, you can keep it. I usually keep 2 out of each 5 items that need some 'effort'. (actually, I don't have many of these because I am one of those people who treat clothes very gently, yes I have a philosophy about that !)
  • Get everything out of the closet, and do some deep cleaning. It feels always good to fall into a piece you have forgotten or thought you lost! Plus you never feel like you have organized stuff until it is crystal clear.
Step one is done, I encourage you to go ahead directly with step 2, which we are going to call: rainbow. What I usually start with are my dresses (with the veil you understand it is the equivalent of tops for me).
  • One piece per hanger. I have tried fitting in two, because they are the same color or they can be worn together but it does not work that way, you always end up forgetting what is under what you see.
  • If your closet has enough space you can go ahead and hang the clothes the classic way, if like me you had the chance to get your closet delivered with a stubborn guy who decided to put the shelf exactly as in the catalog even if you are convinced he could have done it differently (this is why they put so many holes, for you to customize) you ave some creativity to do: for example, I chose to hang my dresses/ long shirts folded over two. (see image below)
Source: http://www.dexigner.com/news/9690

  • Organize the dresses in a rainbow order from light to dark colors. That same trick can be used for the jeans and pants, the shirts and even the heels.
This organization will visually tell you more about your style, the shopping errors you make and the colors you should stop looking at (I stopped looking at black a while ago, when I realized I have it with every single color!)

Step three is a daily one, we can call it the lucky number. You can pick a number you like, it'd better be based on the average number of pieces you have of each color. I chose number seven for many different reasons. Now each morning, instead of spending so long on deciding what to pick, I just do some counting: I start from my right corner (the dark colors one) and count seven hangers to the item I wear the next day. To make sure I wear all what is in my closet, I turn the hangers to the opposite side they were originally put on. If you buy something new, or need to hang a piece that was being washed, don't worry, you can add it at the right spot 

After a month or so, it is easy for me to go through step 1 again, I know exactly what clothes I never put on. This is also interesting because it helps me categorize my clothes: classy dresses I wear at most once each year: should not be on my next shopping list. Shirts I don't wear because they don't fit the pants' texture I have, dresses that would need a new scarf.

I am thinking I might have more articles about closet organization as I am discovering new tricks and trying new techniques. Today is the introductory 'Fashionista guide 101', if something is not clear I can post more pictures, do let me know!

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