5 resolutions you shouldn't make for 2015

Fed up of committing to the same resolutions and never sticking to any ? Are you over ambitious or just really lazy? Do you shoot for more than you can achieve or is it just your own way of going out of your comfort zone?
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Whatever the reason is, this year you should work some more on your resolutions. My advice is to exchange these simplistic 5:
  1. Lose weight
  2. Save money
  3. Travel a lot
  4. Spend more time with family
  5. Be a better person

With these ones, more realistic, precise and thus easier to apply:
  • Eat healthier
More at home, or at least home cooked food, rather than delivery and last minute restaurants. I realize eating at home does not necessarily mean healthier, still I can argue it is cleaner and made with more love. Go vegetarian for one day when you can, have fruit and vegetable snacks, pick up good eating habits, cut off sugar, and reduce the amount of processed food you eat. Plan ahead, search for new tips, go for easy and sane so you can indulge some chips/chocolate/icecream moments.
  • Get fit
Weight loss is a wrong goal to set, one should rather focus on being healthy and in a good shape. The crazy diest, striving of hunger, and depriving youself of main aliments won't do you any good. Drink water, a lot of water. Make an exercise planning, you don't have to pay a lot and subscribe in a gym, you can just suggest to friends to go for morning joggings. Take the stairs, walk as much as you canm, do some chores at home, just keep your body active and moving, There is nothing worse than staying latent.
  • Organize your financial life
As you would do if you were an economical entity, use a pen and a paper, an excel sheet, a memo note in your phone, whatever suits you. Calculate the fixed expenses you have, know what kind of activities/bills/purchases you make and mind the frequency. Plan to put a fixed amount of money aside and stick to that. There are brights ideas you can get inspired from on the internet: Discover the envelop system, choose a number and save any money with that as the last serial number, use a money box, never let those bills/pieces in your pocket. Setting objectives can help as well: whether you want to buy a new car, go explore China or just change the whole decoration of your room.
  • Discover around you
Traveling is not an objective in itself. The activities, the fun, the discovery, the company, the whole experience is what makes it so enriching. One does not have to spare a lot of money, do tons of planning to get such an experience. The country we live in is full of beautiful jewels we totally and absolutely ignore. Even our own cities, the ones we were born and raised in remain mystery to us. Play the tourist in your city, country. Go to places you have never been in before, plan weekend trips and search for cultural agendas to attend conferences, concerts, festivals. Follow your rythm, travel should not be an event, but rather a way of living, growing and knowing your own self.
  • Set your priorities
I don't know for you, but family is the only sure value I have always believed in without doubts. We tend to be too busy being richer, reaching out to the love of our dreams, the friends of our lives, the job we always wanted and the goals we've been pursuing for so long... Family can be the inspiration, the motivation, the consolation and just what we need in difficult times. It also represents the longest series of memory cliches you'll ever have. Family is gold, it should be your first priority. Realizing this is enough to make you long to spend time with the dear ones.
  • Celebrate yourself and move on
The best way to learn from the last year is to do the 'celebration exercise'. This allows you to determine what you did best that allowed you to live such happy moments. What were the life lessons you learned in 2014? What are your values for 2015. Everyone is somehow a good person, what determines good or bad for you depends on the experience you had in life. Now know who you are, what you are seeking for and what you should enhance or work on in order to achieve this. Don't be crual on yourself, the mistakes you made should stay in the past. Move on!

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