#ASunnahADay Weeks 1 and 2

Have you already seen the different hadiths I posted in the Facebook page of my blog ?
If not, here is a small recap for all of you.

1. Morning and evening adhkar

2. Great the other

3. Call a relative

4. Help someone

5. Bath Friday

6. Say MachaAllah

7. Sit down to drink

8. Don't eat till you are full

9. Give to charity

10. Tolerate

11. Don't be loud

12. Keep the gaze on the floor while walking

13. Stop abusing the 'Time'
14. Express your gratitude
15. Don't overcomplicate

I'd post the original Arabic translations if you want them
And please do not hesitate to give me your feedback on this. Use the hashtag #ASunnahADay !
We'll pick this challenge up right after the end of Ramadan, bring up your ideas for the two other weeks.

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