Ramadan Challenge: on the footprints of Sahaba


A new hashtag, and a new challenge. I guess you know -through my Facebook page- that I have stopped the #ASunnahADay challenge, which I'll pick up right after the holy month inchaAllah.

I have noticed that, in Morocco for example, Ramadan has become more tinted with tradition than with religion. This is not necessarily a bad thing, unless when the two are in total contradiction. If the most important thing in the month of fasting is food, then there is a problem! If we claim spirituality and introspection during the day, why does music and humour make the essence of our night? 
When I think back of some Ramadans, I feel stupid for having lost time doing nothing valuable, for having given more importance to delicisous meals, for not having taken full benefit of the virtues of the month, nor having instaured ongoing change. 

There will sure be a lot of similarities between the two hashtags, launched almost at the same time, which I did on purpose. I wanted to be in a mindset that would prepare me for Ramadan, I insist on making this month different, and after it I'll pick up the sunan to keep the spirit.
The difference I am trying to bring is to get inspired from Sahaba, follow their steps and learn from their wisdom. 

I don't have an action plan but I have some goals in mind and I'll try to reach them each and every day. These are some of the main points: 

  • boycott TV. If it wasn't for some background noise, I'm sure I would have given up TV completely for some interesting Ted talks, or some inspiring youtube channels. (ask me to make a list and I'll answer Yes)
  • shut up as much as I can, not only to save energy to get the most of my day but also because this month is time for inner questions and introspection
  • it's not about food, I likeeating and I love eating delicious. I practice this 'hobby' of mine 11 months, I can focus on something else
I read a lot of sahaba stories when I was younger, special credits go to my parents for teaching me to love reading. Throughout the years, I have forgotten most of what I read. This is the occasion for me to press the refresh button.

I will share short stories, photos and a bit of my experience with my journey to #MakeThisRamadanDifferent in the blog's Fb page of my blog.

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