5 disappointing facts to expect when you are furnishing your home

I have been off for a while as I was busy moving to Casablanca and trying to furnish my new home. To sum up the experience, I chose not to talk about the positive side (having your own place, choosing how you want to decorate it, seeing it take shape day after day...). Today, I am listing for you the 5 most disappointing facts that you'll need to expect because, for sure, you'll be experiencing them when furnishing your home.

  • No delivery will be on time: whatever you order, no matter from where you order it and how many times you call to inquire about it, they'll find excuses to tell you it is not available in stock and needs to be shipped from another country/city, or the driver has left earlier or a bunch of other stupid excuses... And yes, keep calm, because even if you are angry (because the programs you have scheduled have been messed up), even if you scream no one will really care!
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  • Anyone who can scam you, will: if you are a beginner and have no idea what the prices of rods are, how much different styles of chandeliers cost and how much you should pay for maintenance services, then you can be sure that people will double the price. Consequently, if you hate to be scammed, you'll need to spend an important amount of time hanging around, asking about the prices and inquiring about the offered quality. In this case, goodbye vacation !

  • Whatever your budget is, you will exceed it: it is important to know the budget you can dedicate to the furniture of your house. However, you can know, for sure, that you will exceed that amount of money. Let me tell you why. You tell yourself, these are long term investments and you'll find your choices right in front of you everyday, plus you are gonna keep the same furniture for quite sometime so you'd better invest in quality, blabla...

  • No cleaning will be enough: you can spend hours cleaning your house until everything is so shiny and perfect and it will take the plumber/electrician or any other maintenance guy ten seconds to ruin it for you. I do respect the kind of job these people do and I cannot even imagine how I could have got so many things done without them, I am just thinking maybe they should adopt the habit of washing their hands before they do the work so you don't end up with hand/ finger marks as souvenirs on your wall.
  • White is a bad idea: I know that dark colors make space look smaller, that decoration specialists recommend you use light colors for your house because they let the light in, make you feel more relaxed and all these stories... But please remember, white is beautiful, it looks gorgeous on magazines, when exhibited in the store and even on pinterest pictures. Truth is, every little mark and every small detail can be seen on white grounds, walls and furniture. And if you are very much into details, then you'll spend your time listing what needs cleaning, and you'll never fully enjoy the beauty of white! 

Well it is just the beginning of my long furnishing journey and I can already tell you it is very pleasant but not easy at all. If you have already experienced any of these go ahead leave a comment. If not then you know what to expect !

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