Why I LOVE pinterest

I don't remember how I discovered Pinterest, but I fell in love with it immediately. It's been more than a year now that this site/app has become my sweet addiction. You know there are different types of learning (audible, kinesthetic and visual), if you think you belong to the third category then this site is definitely for you. Let me sum up the top 5 reasons why I love Pinterest:
  1. No writing just pictures: well yes pictures don't give all the information needed but they allow you to judge whether or not you'd like to know more about some topic.
  2. Different options to pin: you can either upload the picture directly from your computer or add it from a website, which leads to the third point:
  3. The source is a click away: most of the pins -I checked- come directly from other websites, which allows you to check interesting articles, discover new sites (My best discovery was http://allwomenstalk.com/ ) and verify the source to check how accurate it is.
  4. Very good categorization: you can find whatever interests you and pin it easily. Following this principle, the site allows you to find different categories to which your boards can be linked, and according to which you can organize what pins you see first.
  5. Excellent search: few keywords and tons of results, yes this is possible. If you are looking for something specific then use Pinterest. In addition to getting many pictures, you can be redirected to the boards where other people pinned it.
Now it is time for you to go check Pinterest if you don't already know about it, if you already have a Pinterest account and think you have a some nice boards, leave me a comment I'll follow you. You can go ahead and look at my boards (http://pinterest.com/laghuitaa/), I pin about fashion (a looooot) and recently about home decor (I told you I am moving to my home soon). My interests change -slightly- over time, so I might be exploring more stuff soon. Don't hesitate to suggest new stuff to me I am open to new ideas.

Snapshot of some of my boards: http://pinterest.com/laghuitaa/

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