A bunch of good decisions

Do you remember the resolutions I made for my birthday? Well, I'm keeping the list in mind and trying to accomplish in small steps. Last week, I took two decisions I am very proud of: exercising and taking Spanish classes. 
At the beginning, I thought about choosing only one of the two to start with and see if I can handle getting home late every weekday (Knowing that I only finish work at 6:30 PM and that I have a house to keep and a husband to look after). But at the end, I weighted the advantages and disadvantages of each, gathered my family's encouragement and my good will and went ahead for both of them.

Since I spend eight hours per day seated handling work's stress, I absolutely had to subscribe to a gym and force myself into doing some exercise. The good part is that I found, thanks to a colleague of mine, a very nice /cheap/ clean gym that also happens to be 5 minutes walk from my work. Why hesitate?! I can confess that I do not regret my decision because everytime I leave the gym I am fresh, happy and relieved from the negative emotions of the day. Even if most of the girls have been training for so long and know the moves so well that they can afford singing and youyouing at the same time (Yes yes)...and I am there lagging behind, trying to understand the sequence and then repeat it slowly... I still have a lot of fun! This took care of my Tuesday and Thursday's after work.
My gym's schedule which you can't really understand :D
 For the remaining days, I thought about taking fashion design classes, especially because I kept receiving emails from College LaSalle. Bad luck: they finish at 7:00 PM and no one ever answers the phone... So I was unable to get information!! ma3lich 

Meanwhile, Instituto Cervantes is 10 minutes walk from my work, and I like Spanish because I find it very feminine (don't ask me I don't know why). Sounds like a plan. I got there and took the testwhich made me realize that I wasted my money taking the A1.1 and A1.2 at the university three years ago: my level is shameful. They thought I'd better start from scratch and I totally agreed. 
Now, every Monday and Wednesday at 9 PM after my class, I remind myself how much I was wise taking the decision to 'study' again. Yes in fact, I miss student life! Work made me feel all grown up, more responsible, more serious; and it freaked me out so much that I absolutely had to be in a class again. Plus, most of my classmates are also working and study Spanish because they chose to. The atmosphere in class is joyful, we enjoy the class very much and the teacher is perfect in a way that makes the hour and a half go by so quickly. That 4/5 days busy, and I am happy with it. 
My registration receipt for Spanish courses.
For the weekends, I am keeping plans light for now but I really would like to find an association to volunteer with (I am still under the effect of "Sur le Chemin de l'ecole": Have you seen it yet?). I will keep you posted how this goes. 

I am not writing my journal here, I am sharing with you some of the positive energy that emanates from an experience I am living day to day. Maybe there is something you've always wanted to do, an activity you 've been dreaming to start or a plan you only nee to put into action. Well, I'd say: go ahead, don't waste time, there are better things you can do with it and it might do you a lot of good.  

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  1. Happy for you, and very glad that you spread so much positive energy that can motivates all of us :) i was thinking for a while about taking some Spanish courses, i do like the language especially when i knew that my name's meaning was "nothing" xD , i just didn't have enough will power to get pushed ! but now i'm sure that i can do it :)

    Keep writting, smiling and living life day by day :) ! bravo ,waiting for the new "news" !


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