My birthday is in July! Yay !

July is here! For those of you who don't know me, July is what I like to call MY month. It has always been the case, because I've always thought one day is not enough to celebrate one's birthday, so I take the whole month.

Throughout the years, I have found different ways to make it special (I should confess some were coincidences, but I am free to count whatever I want), for example in 2010 I participated in a leadership program in the United States, in 2012 I started the intership at the company in which I am now happily working, in 2013 I started this blog with a list of 23 resolutions... I haven't decided yet in which way I'll make this one memorable, not because I have no idea but rather because I have many competing in my mind and haven't selected the 'winner' idea, yet.

Because I like to challenge myself each month in a new different way, and because it's the first time in three years my birthday does not fall in Ramadan, I am combining challenges. There is the #MakeThisRamadanDifferent challenge that I am carrying till the end of the holy month, the #ASunnahADay challenge which I'll pick up right after. 

As these are more 'behavior' rather than 'action' oriented challenges, I am also carrying the #DailyMeTime challenge which I have chosen to share on Instagram, rather than on Facebook for those of you interested. The objective is to take some time, each day, to care of myself, the body I live in and thus spend some money and time on my wellbeing. I am not becoming a beauty blogger, nor advertising for any of the products I use. I am just shaking the woman in me, because I deserve it.

I am planning a lot of blog posts, so I invite those of you interested in seeing how I make big life changes, how I reflect on the year which I am about to separate with and how I plan for fresh starts to follow my blog page on Facebook to get all the updates. 25 years are special, aren't they?

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