Birthday Resolution Headlines !

I am now 25! Such a special age (don't ask me why, this is how it feels). As usually, it is time for me to reflect, evaluate, rethink and plan some changes. Remember when I shared with you my resolutions for my 23 years? Then to celebrate last year's birthday I made an article to explain why I failed at acomplishing everything I had planned to.

This year, my mantra is 'Quality first'.


This is the result of last years' challenges. After having experienced taking care of myself, of the place I live in through carrying the decluttering challenge, reorganizing every single piece of my home (check how my closet went through that).

I have also become more aware than ever of the importance of taking care of my little self, I am now deeply convinced I should take more care of the body I live in, not only because it is an Amana from God, but also because that's the only place I'll ever have. The sugar free challenge was a great experience, the detox water was a great purification tool and Ramadan did me a lot of good.

This year, I am planning to follow on. I am introducing new challenges, discovering new things and will do my best to take you all through this journey with me.

What and how?

I have chosen to group my resolutions by category. The headlines are as follow:

Take care of my body, it is the only place I will have to live in
  • Sugar free diet (I did it, tried it, loved it, so sticking to it!)
  • Bread and meat only once a day (the inspiration came in when I was researching quotes for the #ASunnahADay)
  • A salad a day (I have already done a month of this, who wants to know more about that ??)
  • Detox water (anyone interested? )
Embrace minimalism
  • Decluttering cures (I'm trying out new techniques)
  • Buy less, own less, give more (simply because this makes organization so much easier, and thus makes me happier)
  • only keep what is essential or what makes me happy (applying this day to day, no need to ask you will read more about this soon)
Quality first
  • Focus on what can make my life more confortable, more enjoyable, easier and thus save me time and effort to spend on stuff I love
  • I deserve the best, poor quality is poor for some reason!
Choose my battles
  • Save energy (enough wrong debates)
  • Pick and select my entourage (oh, and enough drama and negative people)
Organize, it makes me happy
  • meal plan and shopping list ready to go (do you want printables, if yes in what language?)
  • monthly event schedules (because I want to enjoy Casablanca and Morocco in general a bit more)
  • financial sheet (need some help with your expenses?)
  • renew my personal 'life' binder (will only share if I get like 20 comments or something about that)
Make change around me
  • volunteer (because this allows me to go back to basics and stop taking everything for granted. Let me know if you want to join, some 'pretty' projects are coming up)
  • participate in debates (not the kind of sound conversations)
  • voice up my mind (if you don't see me discuss topics that make the buzz, it is not because I have no opinion, it is rather because I want the blog to spread happiness... still, expect more of this!)
Fight my fears:
  • the 100 fears challenge (this girl is so inspiring, I am making my own list, do you want to see it?)
  • detach from technology (go out without phone and spend some weekends without wifi! challenging huh)
  • go out of the box and explore my senses, push my limits (follow me on instagram to know more about that)
Give myself the opportunity to shine:
  • do more of what I am passionate about (fashion, decoration, writing,,,)
  • realize what I'm good at and emphasis on my qualities (soon on the blog: rethinking my mission, vision and values)
This list is my roadmap for the coming year. You can see it is not really well written and not very detailed, and this is the whole goal behind it: not perfect but sincere.

Many ideas in here I can share about you all on the blog, I'd liketo tell you all that I am thankful to have you out there: you encuragements, kind words and private messages are a real motivation for me. I am not a full time blogger, and I know I don't always stick to my challenges, nor post according to a fixed schedule... It is heartwarming to read you all and to realize you can stick with me, just because you know I do this for the 'happiness of sharing'.


  1. Hi Ghita, I'd love to know more about the salad a day; what is your list of salads? I am usually eating outside and am facing the challenge to balance my nutrition !


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