10 pinterest ideas that really work

I am in love with pinterest, and this ou already know because I always talk about it. Obviously, on such websites, you get tons of ideas, tips and tricks to apply.
Not all of them you try, and of the few you try not all of them work. Today is a compilation of smart ideas I knew about through pinterest that really make your life easier/ smarter/ cuter.
  • 1. Use transparent jars for the bathroom
Very useful for samples, for cotton and makeup removeer. They also make a pretty decoration.
Where: Coin de Chine
How much: according to the size, starting from 40 MAD

  • 2. Hang your scarves
Practical, visible and pretty good looking. Also, not folding scarves help keep them straight and ready to user. Totally worth the investment
Where: Gifi (other variations available at Alfa55)
How much: 65 MAD
  • 3. Make your own Detox Water
Detox water is magic. A whole article about that coming up soon...
Where: Alfa55
How much: 39 MAD for the jar
  • 4. Keep hair ties in a carabiner
The best solution ever to stop loosing hair ties. I have some weird colors, don't judge!
Where: Derb Omar
How much: 5 MAD

  • 5. Decorate your home with washi tape
I have used washi tapes (or normal colored tapes that are used when painting walls) for different projects at home. They are very practical when you rent and don't want to ruin the surfaces. 
Where: droguerie
How much: 6 MAD

  • 6. Get a makeup drawer
I was so happy to finally find these... Not only do they look pretty and keep you organized, but they also save so much space.
Where: Mr. Bricolage (also available at Alfa55)
How much: can't remember (269 or 289 or something like that...)!
  • 7. Hang mirrors horizontally
The advantage of ordering mirrors of that type is: you can change their location whenever you want. For examples these are now sitting vertically on my vanity.
Where: at a "moul" mirrors :D
How much: can't remember neither. If you ask about the size: 100x20 cm each
  • 8. Multi shirt hangers
If you have a small closet, or are always looking for space saving techniques, this one is definitely for you: 6 shirts in one hanger, yay!
Where: Alfa55
How much: 99 MAD
  • 9. Put shoes head to toe
Try it first, thank me later. Incredible technique for saving space, especially when you are a shoe addict like me.

  • 10. Cloth hangers for necklaces
We all agree there is nothing worst than having to pull a necklace hugging ten others in a box, especially when you are running late. Here is the solution! Taraa
Where: any souk (derb Ghelef I think)
How much: around 20 MAD

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Please leave me comments below with top tricks, tips and ideas you have seen in pinterest or any other website. 

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  1. c quoi le nom du washi tape en darija? que dire a la droguerie pour qu'il le sach de quoi je parle?


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