5 Lessons 2015 taught me

2015 was pretty intense, wasn't it?! I disappeared for about four months because I went through a pretty hectic phase which prevented me from keeping my posting schedule. September is usually my 'back to order' month, but stuff got messed up this year, and I am only getting things back in place slowly as 2016 starts.

If I had to describe last year, I would say it was 'FULL'. I achieved a lot, learned a lot, and it will sure be added to the list of 'years to remember'. I am excited and ready to start 2016. I happily thought I'd share with you some reflections for this new year. I won't get into details, simply because I am not yet ready to discuss my very personal life in public... but I'll tell you what kind of changes I am planning for the new year:

  1. You can't plan Everything. I love making plans and thinking about the future and often get upset when stuff does not go as I wanted/ expected. Well this is just how life works... You, fortunately, can't control it all.
  2. Stop making promises you are not sure you are going to honor. this is a direct consequence of number 1. And in my blog context, it means I am not promising not to disappear ever again, although it is a goal I am seriously working toward.
  3. YOU are the best person to serve YOU. In the process of dispatching tasks and gaining in efficiency, you should keep in mind that there are missions that can only be done by you, and that you should take the necessary time and make the effort to do them..
  4. The risks you don't take only prevent you from growing. You don't need me to remind you that we are already in 2016, that life is too short and that you shouldn't spend a lot of it hesitating. When you are not sure about something, do it, if it does not work you'll have learnt something. The outcome may even be better than you thought! 
  5. Relationships need time. Just like everything else you build, quality relationships of all types require time. Almost like professional experience, there is a certain maturity level that can only be atteined through time. Allow for that to happen!
These are, in brief, the major lessons 2015 taught me. I hope 2016 will be your opportunity to take risks, try new things, spend beautiful moments, be surrounded with loved ones and again, rise and shine! 

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